Who is Micah

Part Designer, Part Home Cook, Part Risk-taker.

I’ve always been a risk-taker looking for new experiences. As an award-winning multidisciplinary designer, I have worked for and with companies including Facebook, Monterey Bay Aquarium and Philadelphia Museum of Art. As Design Director at Joie de Vivre Hospitality, I evolved my design work by overseeing all design functions including a corporate rebrand and property launches of 12 hotels, restaurants and spas.

Since moving from Philadelphia to San Francisco, my passion for the epicurean lifestyle has increased over a short period of time. Learning how to bake at a young age, I more recently became interested in savory cuisine. I love food, love learning and love sharing the food experience with others. This passion drives me to continually seek out new information of all things culinary and cooking. My cooking style combines elements of farm-fresh ingredients with worldly spices and techniques.

Primarily self-taught in the kitchen, I believe that food is an experience that creates an emotional response and can bring us back to any moment in our life. My design background and aesthetic accents my kitchen approach and I believe that the visual aspect of food gives a preconception of how it will taste. The key to a great experience is to combine gorgeous presentation with bold delicious flavors.

And now, due to my love of adventure, risk and food, I had the amazing opportunity to compete on ABC’s The Taste. This dream experience has taught me to continually follow my dreams and take risks because without risk there’s no reward.